Secure Biological Lab

Secure Biological Lab. Facility, Lagos State, Nigeria

Design & Build project, jointly undertaken with AFMS of South Africa, specialists in laboratory equipment and HVAC systems. The project consists of prefabricated Biosafety Level 2 + 3 laboratories, jointly set under a shady roof made out of solar panels. The project is part of the IDH Mainland Hospital at Yaba, Lagos.


Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, C/O AFMS, South Africa

IDH, Mainland Hospital, Yaba, Lagos



Start date: 2017
End date: 2018


3ADB Limited

Structural engineer

Afms Cc, Honeydew, South Africa

Service engineer

Afms Cc, South Africa & Seiccon Integrated Engr. Services

Quantity surveyor

3ADB Limited

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