Presidential Aircraft Hangar

Presidential Aircraft Hangar

Consultancy (architectural + Project Management services). The architectural design accomodates 3 new aircrafts ordered for the Presidential Fleet.  The hangar doors provide an overall clear opening of 93m, allowing the planes to be taken in and out the hangar independently from each other. The design also provides VIP waiting areas and crew rooms. The construction started in 2012 and is yet to be finished due to unsteady funding.

Artist’s impressions

Project pictures


Office of The National Security Adviser

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja FCT


Yet to be continued (client's decision)

Start date: 2012


3ADB Limited, Strategie Architecten (Netherlands)

Structural engineer

Femak Associates, IngenieuRinG (Germany)

Service engineer

GTESC Limited

Quantity surveyor

3ADB Limited


GTESC Limited

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